How to make better performing LinkedIn carousel post?

LinkedIn carousels in 2021 is one of the best way to grow on LinkedIn. LinkedIn algorithm have now something like “dwell time” which means how long someone will stay on your content. If it’s higher, the algorithm will push it to more people.

This means that videos & carousel posts will be performing much better. So today I’ll be sharing some tips on making better carousel post for LinkedIn. Let’s get into it.

Use AIDA plan in your carousels.

AIDA plan for carousels by Chris Do

This means that in your first carousel slide, write a headline that grabs the attention. Don’t make the first headline about yourself, write it for others. You have to relate it with your audience for e.g. headlines like “Your First Sales Call Will Suck”.

In the next slides you have to build people interest by providing them the value and keeping them engaged. Tell them something new & interesting. But remember to keep it balanced.

I’ll recommend you watch this video of Chris Do regarding Carousels.

Add a picture in first slide.

If you have to grow your personal brand you have to show up. By adding a picture of yourself in between first & second slide you make a personal connection with your audience. People feel connected with it.

Below is the one example for the carousel.

Dave Gerhardt’s LinkedIn Carousel

Ask them to swipe.

Yes. Mention in first or maybe every slide to swipe left. This seems like a very small point but it does have an effect on performance of your carousel.

According to research done on IG carousel they found out that Carousel post which have “swipe left” messaging tends to have higher engagement rate.


LinkedIn carousel post

I hope these three tips will be helpful for you.

If you’re looking to create carousel posts for LinkedIn. You should try out Contentdrips Carousel Maker tool. I’m the founder of it. If you have any feedback feel free to drop them in the comments below.

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