Repost your tweets on LinkedIn as a carousel post. Here’s how you can do it.

You don’t always to come up with new content for every platform. It’s more about content distribution than content creation. So you should be focusing more content distribution. Like your tweets can go as image or carousel post on LinkedIn.

Here’s how you can you repost your tweets as a carousel post.

Find a tweet you want to repost. If your tweet is just one or two liner. You better turn that tweet into an image. You can screenshot that tweet and post it on LinkedIn if you tweet is longer or if it’s a twitter thread. You should turn it into a carousel post.

Now you have your Tweet. Just copy all the text content of it.

For making a carousel post. Use Contentdrips Carousel Maker tool. It have a text to carousel feature which turns any text content into a carousel with just one click. All you need is to paste your content.

Contentdrips — text to carousel feature.

Contentdrips Carousel Maker is a complete design tool built for creating carousel post for IG & LinkedIn. There are pre-made templates too that you can use to speed up your content creation.

Here’s demo of it. In this we copied a LinkedIn Post.

So just have to paste your tweet content or any text content and it will turn it into a carousel post. Once you’re done. Hit Save button to download and save your design. You will get PDF for LinkedIn & JPEG for Instagram.

Link to the tool:

Let me know if you have any questions.

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