Turn your LinkedIn post into a carousel post. (Content repurposing tip)

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Hope you all are doing great. Today I’ll share a way that how you can turn your LinkedIn post into a Carousel post for Instagram or even LinkedIn.

This way you can repurpose your content. You can follow this same method if you want to repurpose your blogpost into a carousel post. This will allow you to get most out of your content. It’s a new content distribution way.

So first of all find a blogpost or LinkedIn post. In my case I’m picking this LinkedIn post.

LinkedIn post to Carousel Post — Content repurposing

So first step is to summarize it. Remove the unnecessary sentences and you have to make it concise. Try to make bullet points of the post.

We will be using Contentdrips Carousel Maker tool. It’s a free web-app that create seamless carousels for Instagram & LinkedIn from your browser.

Here’s the link to the tool: https://contentdrips.com/carouselmaker

Carousel Design by Contentdrips — Carousel Templates

So you can pick any template or start with your own design. You can save your design for later as well by saving your template. So you can use for the next time.

Your first slide should be catchy. Share any facts or figures that will interest the user. It should also share the topic on which your post is about. Don’t forget to explicitly mention people to *Swipe*. According to a study if you mention this you get more engagement on your post.

It’s time add all these information on the canvas. Use visuals to support your text content. I’ll recommend you to add your photo on the first slide because it makes a connection with the audience. You can use a free tool remove.bg to remove background from your images with just one click.

Turning LinkedIn post into a carousel post — Contentdrips.com

Now looks like everything is done perfectly. It’s time hit Export button.

Exporting your carousel design — contentdrips

Now you will have two options. You can download PNGs in a ZIP file for Instagram or PDF for LinkedIn carousel. We will download both them as we want to post on Instagram & LinkedIn both.

So that’s it. You have turned your LinkedIn post into a visual carousel post.

Let me know what do you think about this tutorial.
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