This should your strategy in 2021 to grow your podcast. 👇

It’s more about the distribution of your podcast rather than the creation or production of it. If you want to grow your podcast in 2021 you have to focus mostly on distribution strategy.

Today I’ll be share few tips which can help you do that.

Create bite sized content for your podcast.

You have to extract the key takeaways of your podcasts and make short video content that can go on your Instagram, LinkedIn & Twitter. These can be the actual recordings of your podcast or wave form style videos with subtitles (audiograms.).

You can use tools like or to make videos like these for your voice based content. If you want to make the actual video clips you can use or kapwing to make videos.

Once you have these small bite-sized videos of your podcast. Share them on your social media and link it to your full podcast episode. If you have a really nice hook you can attract many new listeners.

Create a carousel post for each episode.

Make a carousel post that can go on LinkedIn and your Instagram. These posts are great for sharing a long form of content in a much better way. LinkedIn & Instagram algorithm really pushes Carousel Posts.

You can share some of the most valuable nuggets of your podcast episode in these 10 slides and in the last slide give them a CTA to listen to complete podcast. You should be following AIDA plan in your carousel as they perform better.

You can create carousel posts using a tool called Contentdrips Carousel Maker. It’s a free tool to make carousel posts for LinkedIn within your browser. You can also post it on Instagram as well.

Create a twitter thread of your podcast episode

You can create one big twitter thread of your each episode or plan individual tweets related to that podcast. Twitter is also a great platform to grow organically after LinkedIn.

twitter thread for podcast episode

So I hope this post was helpful. Let me know if you have any questions regarding it. Feel free to drop a comment.

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